A strong online presence is crucial for small business due to the global exposure that could be achieved through the internet. For these business owners, creating high-quality online content for a company can be difficult while managing in-person operations as well. There are many important mistakes that are often online but are easily fixable to create more business for a small company.


First, a mistake that smaller companies will make is by only having social media accounts. And not the main webpage for all of the company’s information. To remedy this, create a domain name that will allow for redirecting from the main page. It whichever social media has the company’s method of communication.

Next, using the domain name as the company-wide email address is preferable rather than using a free generic email provider. By using a generic email address, clients may suspect that emails from a company are spam and will completely ignore them. Another mistake that is that a company will not have a website at all. There are so many cheap or even free ways to design websites today, that there are so many different options for small business owners to choose from.

Easy to use features are available, so start small and expand the webpages as the company grows. Some companies have already built a website, but completely forget to use it for marketing purposes. Social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine marketing. It is useful for directing potential customers to a company’s main website. For more information about the products and services offered.

Lastly, when creating domain names, strategies must be implemented to reach as many customers as possible. Location names and other keywords can be used with the company name to narrow down customer searches and drive traffic to the company’s web pages. The overall goal is to increase sales and revenues by producing quality web content to reach target customers.

By Kelly Mallari


Date: June 2, 2019

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