Job Description

Sauls International is seeking linguist for Richmond, VA based translation company. We are looking for individuals who speak the following languages: Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese etc. Other language speaking linguist are free to apply. We are looking for linguist in the Richmond, VA area and surrounding cities and counties. This job offer is available on a "contract" basis which gives you the liberty to take assignments or reject assignments.

Linguist Duties

Sauls International offers translation and interpretation services to local and international banks, law firms, manufacturers etc. Translation services are offered by mail, email and fax. Interpretation services are offerd in-person, via phone conference and web-conference.

Requirements: Must have high speed internet and Microsoft Word and or PDF software and a landline phone and or cell phone. Your Translated documents are submitted to us via email.

Application Process: Please email your resumé and interests for using your language skill to Also, please include your willingness to travel and your availability to do translations. (All residents of cities other than Richmond feel free to apply)

Sauls International


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Hours by Appointment 

Peak Hours Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm