Interpretation Services Overview    
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Sauls International offers interpretation services to firms in the United States as well as overseas. These services are available in over 200 languages.

Sauls International offers interpretation services to firms in the United States as well as overseas. We offer these services to and from the following languages:

English                                                    Russian                                             Dutch
French                                                    Mandingo                                          Igbo
Arabic                                                     Chinese                                             Albanian
Spanish                                                  Japenese                                          Hebrew
German                                                  Vietnamese                                      Serbo-Croation
Portuguese                                           Korean                                                ..."and More"
Turkish                                                   Norwegian

We make sure that your ideas are interpreted correctly and accurately to meet the specific needs and detail of your firms project. A written report must be given to Sauls International before services are rendered. It is best to prepare your ideas for the foreign market in advance to allow Sauls International quality time to prepare your services. Interpretation service fees include internet transmission fees and payment processing.

Interpretation Services: Law firms

Sauls International offers interpretation services by assisting lawyers with business meetings with foreign attendees or any sort of consultation. These services are offered at the client’s office or any other specific location.

Interpretation Services: Local and International financial firms

Sauls International offers interpretation services by assisting clients with in-house interpretation of their products and services to their clients. Whether it is a business meeting with foreign buyers or affiliates or new customers, Sauls International will interpret your products and services into the target language in accurate details so the client may understand.

Interpretation Services to Real Estate Brokers

Sauls International offers in-person real estate assistance for sellers that are marketing to foreign buyers whether it is residential or commercial real estate. We will assist you while you are taking your clients on a tour of the property. We also assist you with the interpretation of the final transactions of the sale. This service is offered by the day.

Price: Depends on the cost of the property.
Location: US or overseas.

Interpretation Services: U.S. & International companies

Sauls International assists corporations by interpreting their project material in various languages for the following categories:

∙Legal & More!

We interpret on-site projects and marketing projects in which you would present to potential clients. We act as the liaison between the two firms by offering simultaneous verbal interpretation. We interpret your oral presentation as well as your visual presentation in real-time. These services are offered in the US or in the target country in-person, via video or phone conference.


1) Oral Interpretation Fee: Varies
2) Mileage Reimbursement (44.5 cents per mile)
3) Internet Transmission Fees & Payment Processing
4) Expense and accommodations to location must be provided by the client.

On-going Sauls International services to client: Varies

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