Translation Qualifications

Sauls Internationals’ linguists are very professional and highly skilled. We have a mix of native speakers and American language speakers that perform high quality work. Our linguists have active clearances through the military and other jobs and they have years of experience on various topics. Some linguists are Senior Translators and Senior Interpreters and have done secret service work and training throughout the world. They have lived in foreign speaking countries and have performed numerous public and private assignments throughout their career.

Our linguists’ background include the following:

• Source and target languages for translation in more than 30 languages.
• Degrees in General Linguistics
• Certificates of target language translations from foreign Universities
• Off-site language services provider for American companies
• Foreign language consultant in charge of translating, transcribing data
• Freelance translations for the United Nations Online-Volunteering Service (UNV), hospitals and other organizations.
• Areas of expertise in technical, legal, business, medical, economics, finance, management, social science, politics, environment, marketing, website localization & press releases
• Major translation projects included websites, financial data, agricultural terminology, assistance with course materials, training manuals, reports, brochures etc.

Quality Control Systems

To ensure the best process for our clients, we will do the following:
Initiate & Set-up Project

1) Project Manager Assigned, Files Prepared and Glossaries verified
2) Translation into target language (from foreign language)
3) Editing & Proofreading by Native translator and subject Matter Expert
4) Final Review

Closure & Finalization of Project

1) Delivery of translated Files
2) Invoice sent to client
3) Client Feedback via email

To ensure the accuracy of the translations, we will do the following:

• Use software such as Trados 6.5 Freelance under Windows XP.
• Start each assignment with selecting expert dictionaries and consult glossaries resulting from experience with similar translation projects.
• The initial translation will be reviewed and proofread until an exact match with the original document is reached in the target language.
• After the translation, we provide general formatting with MS-Office programs.
• We provide fast, accurate and reliable service for every translation project.
• Use source word counting method from foreign language to English translations

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