Social Media Marketing

A social media marketing funnel is a strategy that allows the creation of the necessary steps. These will help the customer go through to become truly converted to a product or service. As a customer sees a business selling something they are looking for, they will begin to browse the website. Then subscribe to a product or service, which will then lead to a sale for the business.

Steps to Follow

The first step in executing a successful funnel is to create awareness for the brand/company. Awareness begins with great content. It is important that the content stands out so that it can capture the audience. Thinking about the essence of the brand and establishing how the product brings value to the customer is beneficial. It is a way to establish great content and bring value to the product. Creating videos about the company and the value its products bring is a great place to start. So it will figure out how to bring awareness to the product.

Now, the next step in executing a successful funnel is to develop consideration for the customer. It includes providing testimonials and reviews of the products. Hence, it is a way to build credibility and trust with the customer. Also, target the content towards people who have begun to show interest in what the product has to offer. Become a little bit more aggressive. It involves videos, blog posts, or holding free events in the community.

The third and final step in executing a successful funnel is to lead the customer to a decision. Retargeting is very important at this stage as the customer has shown genuine interest in the product through clicking on ads, subscribing to emails, or watching webinars. Present the customer with offers they cannot refuse, such as a time-sensitive coupon if they make a purchase.

Having at least one successful funnel is an essential way to gain awareness for a company and to attract new customers. If the customer has been given enough value, the company is set up to achieve higher revenue and reach its goals. Thus, you can gain social media marketing success.

Article by: Sam Founda (Click Here)

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