Sauls International was the inspiration of a Richmond, Virginia college student who enjoyed learning about languages, culture and business in 2004. To bridge the gap between understanding culture, learning languages and utilizing business technics, a business plan was created that included music, languages and business to reach an audience that seemed to be untapped. The business plan later changed to fit the needs of those who needed translation services. With the help of the Small Business Administration, SCORE, Richmond Minority Business Development, PTAP, PTAC and other resources, Sauls International became more of a business rather than a business plan. As a result, the inspiration grew into helping local firms with their international language needs.

In 2006, the company won its first award which was given by the Small Business Administration. After the award was given, the company received more exposure and began to receive other awards and calls to be interviewed by local and national magazine and newspaper agencies over the next few years. Since that time, the company had articles in WORK Magazine, local newspapers as well as the Virginia Commonwealth University small business newsletter.

In 2015, the company had the opportunity to be a part of history! Richmond, VA hosted the 2015 UCI Road World Championship Bike Races September 19 – 27, 2015. The company was selected to provide a French and Spanish translation guide to assist businesses and foreign language speaking visitors. In the planning process, this guide was the result of the SBA team listening to concerns from business owners, local governments and the event organizers to provide a product that is useful for everyone.

In 2019, Sauls International received the 2019 Best of Richmond Awards in the category of Translators & Interpreters. Sauls International continues to build awareness by spreading the word about the benefits of using language services in one’s business and bridging the gap between cultures, language services and business.

Sauls International has a team of business professionals that focus on delivering accurate language services to customers around the world. We have an expert staff and we are abreast of changes in cultures, dialects and in the business world so that we will produce professional services at all times.

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Our mission is to focus on holding client costs to a minimum while performing language services accurately to meet customer needs.