While it is often characterized as the teenager or young adult market, the computer games industry has a massive output which includes computer games for toddlers and many other age groups besides what is generally characterized. The classic games which tend to come to mind when we think about computer games are often violent games, sports games, and driving games which take a lot of learning and skill. Though those types of games appeal to target audiences, there is a huge range of games aimed at younger minds and lower skill levels, which will help educate and entertain the youngest of family members.


 We have all grown up with fond memories of specific cartoon characters, television and film personalities who, while entertaining and educating us, seemed to be a part of our childhood. Now a computer game may add to that repertoire of interests.


Here are some language-based computer games:

  1. Duolingo
  2. Gus on The Go 
  3. Little Pim
  4. Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Letter Sounds 
  5. Endless Spanish App
  6. Kids Learn Mandarin
  7. Learning by Mindsnacks


Many parents see computers as difficult and complicated things which require a mature mind and a more skilled hand to comprehend and use. This may have been the case some years ago, but with the advance of computer technology and software, access is possible for just about every age group and skill level. In fact, it is often surprising and somewhat daunting, to see a young child hardly able to write; but quite able to navigate their way through a computer game, using the controls and menu items to advance their way. 


It is worth considering that, at an early age, just about all activity, even entertainment, has a learning role. Games are an excellent way to learn many things for a young child; they help to develop and train their vocabulary or words, reading skills,  hand, and eye coordination, recognition, memory, problem-solving skills, communication through sounds and words and of course, their ability to use and be familiar with computer technology. Such familiarity will set them up well for the future, which looks like it will be one full of such technology and user skills.

The days of television and film entertainment are not gone, nor are the physical toys such as dolls, trains, cars, and board games which we all began with. Computer games for toddlers add another learning possibility for young children and are part of the technology age into which they have been born into. Include some educational computer games in the life of a child today!

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