conference interpreting

Yes, conference interpreting is a thing

What if a client has a conference interpreting assignment too soon to provide prep time or materials? How about last-minute schedule or venue changes, unexpected language changes, or a fast speaker. What if the speaker makes obscure or unexpected references or jokes? Or if, during a Q&A session, a person fails to speak into the microphone. Or imagine that you aren’t provided with refreshments or the breaks you were expecting.

There are some tips for these situations, in the article linked above. From last to first: bring your own refreshments — water, snacks. While some interpreters will ask the audience to laugh when there is a joke, some keep a list of references and jokes on hand that they can insert where necessary and appropriate. Even at the event itself, i.e. brochures, programs. Take care to also learn how to skim a speech or  information, and whilst relying on them for basics, that scripts to remember them strictly. All in all: be adaptable!

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