cultural competence

Separate from direct interpretation and translation, being an advocate for thorough and complete communication involves the understanding of cultural competence and underlying struggles within a specific community. This is why it is important to interact with those who are the most adept in the craft of bridging the gap. It is because before we are able to overcome obstacles that may prevent clear communication. We must fully comprehend current issues that exist, regardless of their source.

Child Trends

Utilizing information obtained via a publication from Child Trends in 2012, there is an apparent dilemma in reproductive healthcare for young Latina women. Compared to their Caucasian counterparts, statistics are revealing that Latina women are at a significantly higher risk of unplanned teen pregnancy and contracting an STD. Although it is unclear what this disparity is exactly attributed to, the need for healthcare will not diminish.

For this reason, it is vital to provide accurate advice to healthcare professionals on intercultural communication and cultural sensitivity. In Layman’s terms, doctors and nurses must understand cultural competence. Moreover, beliefs prior to their interactions with patients of varying backgrounds.

This publication was very enlightening as it provided a few relevant pointers on the possible mindsets of Latina young women. For example, “Latina women are similar in that they may share an underlying Spanish heritage. However, this shared cultural heritage does not equal shared life circumstances.

Conducting an individual needs assessments can capture some of the personal circumstances. It can shape the care that Latina women need.  “As an advocate for cultural understanding, it is refreshing to witness an exchange of roles. From the patient being in charge of tailoring who he/she is, to instead, the provider taking the initiative. That to personalize the experience based on his/her patient, regardless of race or ethnicity.

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