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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed so many aspects of peoples’ everyday lives and routines. Many people stay at home all day and are even working from home. This leaves more time for people to surf the internet and participate in online shopping. In his research, Ian Zelaya discovered that email marketing has exploded since April 2020. He has discovered that email marketing is currently up by 86%.

With less in-store shopping and more online shopping, there is a need for companies to invest in email marketing programs. Moreover, testing out new tactics to reach customers. The reason email marketing is doing so well right now that brands now have a guaranteed audience. So it is more likely to engage with email content. Since they have more free time to look through emails.

Jake Cohen:

The head of marketing at Klaviyo, According to Jake Cohen the companies who are achieving these results are the ones who offer honest, authentic messaging. He says, “What’s resonating more is just being honest to the environment that people are in, and contextualizing their new environment with what the product can do to help them.” Along with putting in more effort into helpful content marketing, brands are continuing to automated email flows to keep customers engaged.

Jake Cohen gave two more words of advice in regard to email marketing. First, he said that automated emails should target the buying experience. Companies should figure out how automated emails uncompleted steps in the purchase process, such as when someone abandons an item in their cart, “This works because it is driven by someone’s activity, so people are more likely to see it and engage with it.” Second, he said that companies should avoid increasing output without a purpose, “What will end up happening is people will see you’re insincere and you will lose your opportunity to communicate with them in the future.”

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Source Author: Ian Zelaya


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