European Family Vacations – When in Italy


Besides book fairs, museums, art galleries, and festivities that Italy boasts of, there are lots of activities that you and your family members can engage yourselves into. You will never find a dull moment in Italy because of the list of adventures that you may love to try. Take a quick look at the following list for a much enjoyable European family vacation.


Hiking or climbing. The Italian official hiking season begins around June 20 towards September 20. The trails and hiking paths are completely marked for the individuals’ guidance. Trek guides may also be arranged for you should you want to try out this adventure sport. As you may know, the Alps are in Europe, which is held to be the most challenging and difficult to surpass hiking treks. The other less challenging trails are those found in Tuscany and Umbria. You may also try the climbing and hiking routes of Capri, Sicily, and Sardinia.

Skiing. There is a myriad of skiing locations that await you in this nation. You can make a choice from doing country skiing or downhill skiing. You should be careful with the spots that you choose because some terrains may be quite hard to ski on. Experts in skiing will have plenty of choices when it comes to skiing spots.

Diving and snorkeling. This is among the overly popular water sports in Sicily. The best spots to do snorkeling and diving are in Sardinia, Ustica, and in the Tremiti Islands. Diving courses are also offered by the diving schools.

Swimming. In the heights of the summer months, the mainland beaches may be really crowded, yet you can always opt for other beaches around Italy.

Sailing. The sailing maps can be purchased from the tourist offices all over Italy. For aspiring sailors, you can always figure out your skills in the Archipelago Della Magdalena. Windsurfing is typical in Iseo Lugano, Lake Garda, Maggiore, and Lake Como.

Fishing. The sea waters are exceptional in Sardinia and Sicily. Umbria and Tuscany offer the best spots for fishing. Fishing boats may be rented as well.

Cycling. Bicycles are usually available for rent so that the visiting tourists can easily find their way around the city.

Golfing. For golf enthusiasts, there are plenty of golf courses all over Trentino, Sardinia, Lombardy, Lazio, Tuscany, and Calabria.

Camping. The camping sessions are usually held in the holiday parks of Italy.

Canoeing or river rafting. The Alps in the northern hemisphere are best for canoeing and rafting rides.

Cooking, arts, and Italian language courses are also offered in the Italian institutes. Thus, if you want to maximize your stay and create a remarkable experience for every one of you, you can try enrolling in these classes and you might bring home a new skill, or two! 



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