Have you heard about what’s trending in India regarding language law?

The importance of language in diversity is profound, but what is even more important is access to information and open communication between individuals. Language acts as a medium between cultures that allows insight and compromise in many ways including law. In the article, “LS begins online language learning courses for lawmakers” written by The Morung Express, talks about Om Birla’s attempts to reconnect communities and offer improved democracy around the world.

This article discusses India’s new efforts to close gaps between democracies by providing language learning courses organized by the Parliament. They encourage each person to not only know their native language but at least one other Indian language and one Foreign language.

They plan to offer 22 Indian Languages, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish. In addition to closing gaps between communities  it provides better tourism and trade opportunities between Nations. It is one step in the right direction towards unity through shared language and culture.


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