Everyone knows about the power of Automated Translation Services, but everyone also knows that it isn’t up to standard with human translator services. Sometimes, automated translations are decent, but at other times they are so wrong it’s laughable. But these services are excellent at saving time in the translation process. Some of these points I would like to cover come from Stephanie Harris’ article What are the Options for Automated Translation? As these services improve they can be used as the first step in translating a large piece of text, a first draft. The quality of work an automated service performs depends on what texts it is translating. Automated services work best with regular grammar and predictable vocabulary. Once the technology has completed its tasks, the experts can review and critique any misinterpretation. The tedious task of translating every word is done for the translator, so they can work on developing the final product. There is even more that translational technology can do for human translators. Automated translation services also have websites that store the same files so everyone who is involved can access the data. No more confusing downloading and sending emails through the computer. Automated services continue to improve and as they do the translating and reviewing process becomes faster and easier.

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