Diversity Improves Performance: Companies with an inclusive staff usually perform better than those with a monolithic culture. A diverse staff often reports higher innovation and teamwork.

Diversity Increases Workplace Engagement: Many potential employees considered the culture of the workplace and whether or not they upheld the diverse policy at their company. During commitment, they will report higher levels of engagement at the business.

Shows Positive View of your Brand: 50 years ago, diversity in businesses was not a prominent issue. Now with unlimited access to the internet, consumers want to know who is involved with the product or service. Do they look like me? Do they have similar values as me? It can heavily impact sales.

As a Core Value: It is not enough to just hire a diverse staff. So, try to truly incorporate diversity as one of the core values of the business. Moreover, it is not just policy, but something that makes minorities feel more appreciated and heard. Hence, listen and promote minorities as part of your business toward a more progressive society.

Source: https://www.purdueglobal.edu/blog/careers/how-does-workplace-diversity-affect-business/#:~:text=Diversity%20Improves%20Company%20Performance&text=A%20Gartner%20study%20predicts%20that,less%20inclusive%20counterparts%20by%2050%25.

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