SEO refers to the technical process of increasing the quality of traffic and attracting maximum visitors to your website. Content marketing focuses on using valuable and relevant content to drive profitable customer or client action. They are designed to go hand-in-hand, as SEO is strategized to work around your content.

The focus of SEO is all about finding relevant keywords and incorporating them into your content so that they will rank higher in the SERPs. It is important to use a strategic approach when choosing what and how many keywords to use in your content. It is important to avoid repeating keywords as it will have a negative impact on SEO. Appropriately embedding keywords will help your content rank well and will boost traffic to your website.

Your content needs to be able to lure clients as well as solve a specific issue. Influential content is created by using keywords to target visitors. This is the way that search engines, like Google, rank a piece of content and determines the relevance of a page. Content marketing is only successful when it contains the appropriate SEO. Once you are able to get these two to work together, you will see major success in your online business.

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Source Author: Karan Sharma

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