Being an effective team member is important for the vitality of the project that you are working on. Here are three ways to be an effective team member: 

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1). Communication 

Communication is extremely important while in a group. If you want to voice your opinion about the direction of a project, it is better to voice it clearly and concisely. Try not to come off as harsh but constructive instead. Always provide a solution to a problem you feel is present, this lightens the harshness of confrontation. Constructive and open communication is always welcomed in a team setting. 


2). Openness

 Being able to be open to new ideas and prompts will move your project forward and you will become closer as a team. Everyone thinks differently, that’s why it is important to be open to other’s ideas for a project. You never know what you learn by simply listening to another’s idea for a project. Being curious is never a bad idea, it is important to be able to communicate that to your team. Furthermore, knowing that you are in a group that is open to listening and discussing new ideas will make you and your team feel stronger as a whole.

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3). Positivity 

Positivity is infectious, and so is being negative. Being negative can bring an entire team down just by a few comments. Therefore, it is important to always maintain positivity and enthusiasm for the project you are all working on. If you have a concern about the project, voice your concern to your team so that it will be resolved. Being enthusiastic about your project will also show confidence in the work that you are providing the team.  Remember, we are all in this together!

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