Communicate Operational Changes with Clients During A Crisis

Change is always expected to occur during the lifetime of a business. So during the halt of in person operations due to coronavirus, communication with clients may be more difficult. Basic tasks such as ensuring that there are no advertisements posted for events that were canceled and removing marketing tactics that may be seen as insensitive at this time are important to be done right away to convey a message to clients that the current situation in the world is not something that the company is taking lightly.

Every company will reach out with their message in differing ways, whether it’s posting a video or written in text, but it’s important that the message is worthwhile. For example, clients would want to see how the company is taking action to continuously support them as well as their employees rather than just acknowledge the pandemic. During this time, everyone is being flooded with emails from companies trying to sell their products and services, so it’s important to keep in mind that an email should only be sent for purposeful and informational reasons.

Clients use companies’ home websites to access information about hours of operation and contact information. So make sure that these essential items are updated. Communicating with clients through phone calls should only be implemented. If this form of contact plan was already set in place. It is not advisable to plan this out last minute. Showing a sense of and empathy unity is encouraged. For the best customer service during this time of uncertainty and fear.

By Kelly Mallari

Author: Jessica Thiefels

Date: April 23, 2020

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