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In this day and age, every company must have an informational web content that advertises  products, services, and overall mission. In order to gain new customers, the content that is available on the webpage. Also, other landing pages must grab the viewer’s attention with interesting graphics and an organized format.

Important Aspects

The first step for a company when creating webpage content is to establish the strategy. It is to persuade viewers to learn more and connect further. Keep in mind the target audience for the webpage, as it differs from company to company. Imagine that the webpage belongs to a specific individual. Thus, it can cater to what content they would like to see.

The potential customers must find value in the information a company has to offer. So creating pages that exhibit what products and services they offer. Such as a question and answer page would be helpful. Also, incorporating keywords, which is known as search engine optimization. It is useful so viewers will be able to find specific content they are searching for.

One must keep text short and to the point. Rather than paragraphs of information that will often go unread. Simple writing is also advisable to use for easy understanding by the audience. The tone of the writing should also represent the overall tone the company wants to convey whether that be serious or more casual.

The goal of a company’s webpage is to encourage the viewer to do business with them, so a call to action can be added to motivate them in order to do so. Along with the informational content, the webpage itself must be easy to navigate through not only on a desktop but on a mobile phone due to convenience.

Social media accounts should link to the website for additional content. The website URL must include in company emails that are sent out to customers. The more accessible this content is, the easier it is to share to others and gain more views and business.

By Kelly Mallari


Author: Rieva Lesonsky

Date: September 24, 2019

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