Mother’s day is a traditional holiday to show appreciation to beloved mothers and grandmothers. But Mother’s Day is not just celebrated in the US. Celebrations honoring mothers happen all over the world. In fact, the tradition can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome.

The Greeks and Romans threw festivals to honor goddesses, but the present Mother’s Day is more connected to what Christians called, “Mothering Sunday.” It was widely celebrated in Europe on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Church-goers would gather at the “mother church” for a special service. Mothering Sunday began to evolve when children started bringing their mother’s flowers and gifts to show appreciation. In the 1930s, Mother’s Day developed into what is now American Mother’s Day.

As you can see American Mother’s Day was inherited through generations from countries across the world and has been celebrated by different cultures. These cultures share different customs and spoke in different languages. Of course, you don’t have to know ancient Greek to tell your mother you love her this Mother’s Day. But Mother’s Day is a time to reflect and appreciate different cultures that have changed us. Language isn’t a barrier that separates us from loving moms. Just like language isn’t a barrier if you choose Saul’s International.

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