ideal customers

In order to achieve optimal success and high sales there are various ways. Every company must acknowledge their target audience when it comes to marketing the products and services.. By using the STP method of segmentation, targeting, and positioning. It makes the companies able to determine the most relevant groups of ideal customers.

Demographics such as age, gender, location, income, and occupation are just some examples of important characteristics. These can be helpful to know about a company’s customers. If the company sells to other companies, characteristics such as the specific industry, location, revenues. Moreover, number of employees are helpful to be aware of.

Collecting and analyzing this sort of data can be done by reviewing customer purchase history and loyalty program records. Other ways to learn about what the customers have to say include creating surveys. Moreover, communicating one-one-one, and taking note of any online reviews of the company. The overall goal is to learn how the customers behave in regard to making purchase decisions. But why they choose to continue doing business with the specific company. Also what media they opt for, and what unique features they appreciate that different companies have to offer.

After the research is complete, creating a customer persona would be the best way to visualize the type of person that a company is marketing to. If there are multiple ideal customers, then additional customer personas need account for everyone included in the target group. Producing marketing strategies for these customers can accomplish through using media that they prefer. Like the ways that points at their main concerns. By ensuring that the ideal customers are of high priority, the company will become more profitable.

By Kelly Mallari

Date: June 28, 2019

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