Human interaction is always important in today’s society. In most cases, there is no viable substitute for having a human being present onsite for important projects. So, what is interpretation? Interpretation is the action of explaining the meaning of something. It is also said that interpreting is an oral form of translation which enables real-time communication either face-to-face, in person or over the phone. This in-person interaction is the key to communicating your message.

Sauls International (SI) provides interpretation services in more than 300 languages. We make sure that your ideas are interpreted correctly and accurately to meet the specific needs and detail of your firms’ project.

Types of interpretation:

  • Consecutive – Interpretation provided in small groups
  • Simultaneous – Interpretation provided for larger events such as town hall meetings, graduations or conferences or meetings.

On-Site Interpretation Can Be Used In These Instances:

  • Scheduled meetings, cases & appointments
  • Hosting international visitors
  • Hand and body gestures are vital components to convey a message
  • The Limited English Speaker is uncomfortable using the telephone

Please Note – For events lasting more than 2 hours, more than one interpreter must be used.

24/7 Telephonic Interpretation

It is without question that our world is rapidly changing and becoming more diverse than ever. Over 200 million people speak English in the United States and over 104 million people speak English in different countries. This number is growing rapidly as cultures change across the globe.

Telephonic interpretation has been one of the most sought after services for those working on the frontlines of their employers. Presently, we are excited to be of service to people in the United States and Overseas by assisting with projects great and small across various industries.

Sauls International is a leading telephonic interpretation provider offering clients timely, reliable, effective and custom solutions. To understand the services a little more, telephonic interpreting connects human linguists/interpreters via telephone to individuals who need to speak to each other but do not speak the same language. The skilled telephone linguist/interpreter conveys the message from one language to another. This allows the listeners and speakers to understand each other and conduct meaningful conversations. With years of experience, Sauls International is able to provide great customer support for your telephonic interpretation needs.

Sauls International provide telephonic interpretation services and served many clients over the years. Services are provided in more than 300 languages.

Voice Overs

Voice-over talent is the skill that is responsible for recording the off-camera narration or dialogue that accompanies video productions. Sauls International provides voice over talent in many languages. In most all cases, voice-over professionals are call “artists” and are called upon to read scripts out loud. This is done to create a recording that will provide the video’s audience with additional information that is not revealed through the visual shots. One of the key requirements for successful voice-over talent are a good attitude, great speaking voice and the ability to read a script with the appropriate enunciation, emotion, tone and clarity.

Our teams can assist with commercials, infomercials and promotional videos which in turn can be used to provide additional information to create the launch of a product as well as excitement about a product or service.

Allow Sauls International talented voice-over artists to assist you with narrating important plot elements, documentaries, trainings, news broadcasts while adding commentary and context to your videos and images.

Video Remote Interpretation

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a video telecommunication service that uses web cameras or videophones to provide sign language or spoken language interpreting services. This service is provided by using an offsite interpreter. It is said to be easy to use combined with the benefits of face-to-face interpretation.

Research shows that VRI is a time efficient and cost efficient solution for language barriers because it is easily accessible, mobile, instant and reliable. For your convenience, our interpreters are available around the clock and skilled in lots of dialects without the hassle of long connection times.