Generally due to technological progress and the need to minimize company costs such as travel. It specifically now with COVID, remote work has flooded nearly every sector. One of these sectors is remote interpreting, over the phone or video. Despite this, training often covers remote interpreting only briefly. So here are a few tips from an interpreter’s survey, linked above.

First, never be afraid to ask for repetition. It is more trustworthy and accountable to admit to not having heard or understood, than to interpret something wrong.

Second, /always/ take notes, i.e. numbers and names.

Third: the interpreter should not be afraid to be at least somewhat assertive, so as to be able to manage conversation flow, for clarity. This is possible by introduction. It in addition to basics and confidentiality, should also cover necessary hand or verbal signals in case of technical difficulties, speed, and other important information during the assignment.

Examples of such an introduction, more tips, and information about the surveyed (motivation, skills, etc.) can be found in the above article.

Happy reading, and contact for your language services needs.