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It is very likely that the marketing efforts that were put forth at the beginning of 2020 are no longer viable in the present day. While planned marketing strategies for 2020 have changed immensely, the shift to community-building and empathy-based marketing tactics has allowed for more connection with consumers and audience members. This shift has made it almost essential to use virtual marketing, and the following strategies will help continue to strengthen those efforts.

Use videos

Pre-COVID, people invest in face-to-face interactions. They were able to connect and communicate with people in person. When COVID hit, this was taken away. By using videos, you can create more of that personal connection and appeal to your audience. Using videos also allows you to shift away from traditional marketing rules. It helps create different videos that target your specific audience.

Welcome UGC

User-generated content can be a great, free way to expose your business to potential customers. Not only does this engage your audience, but it also helps keep your business top of mind in your current audience. When thinking about this type of campaign, it is important to understand your goals. The different goals will help you understand how you should implement the campaign to create the UGC that you are striving to generate.

Go virtual

You have to cancel all your plans because of the pandemic. Has this happened to your business? Instead of cancelling an upcoming event, consider taking it online. Although you aren’t able to gather in a large group in-person, you can still connect with your audience online. Hosting a virtual event can also be beneficial to your business. As there are no costs other than the potential price for streaming on the chosen platform. If you do choose to go virtual, it is important to keep the event interactive and engaging. Since there tend to be many more distractions when in the comfort of your own home.


Source Author: Rhett Power

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