Part I

Have you experienced fear or anxiety when you thought about learning a new language? Though the feeling of anxiety can be overwhelming, it doesn’t mean that you should let that deter you from learning a new language. Many people suffer from anxiety and it is a normal feeling. 

Social anxiety disorder is a condition that precludes people from having normal social interactions because social settings cause a great deal of stress and nervousness. The stress and nervousness that people face are so severe that it is next to impossible to overcome without professional help. People afflicted with a social anxiety disorder will tend to spend time alone and avoid the world, so to speak. An afflicted person will also have a tremendous amount of difficulty being around people in both personal and professional settings. We all are surrounded by people from different cultures that speak different languages in personal and professional settings. Learning to deal with daily situations in personal and professional settings will potentially ease some anxiety. 


There are several ways to help you overcome social anxiety when learning a new language.  

Here are a few ideas: 


  1. Pull out your favorite DVD and turn on the foreign language audio and subtitles and have fun watching the movie in different languages.

  1. Purchase supplemental language learning materials from a local bookstore.

  1. Eat at international restaurants where the staff and owners are bi-lingual.

  1. Find a friend that will talk to you in the language.

  1. Take trips to foreign speaking countries and practice using basic terminology. You can also take an interpreter!

  1. Immerse yourself in the culture that the language is predominantly in. Doing so helps you understand the context that the language is used in better. 

  1. Try the free app., “Duolingo”, the language learning app., on your device! 

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If the problem persists, it would be highly advised to seek professional help and discuss the impact such a condition is causing with a therapist or psychologist. This way, one can find a way of coping with the problems that social anxiety disorder has caused and how to free oneself from its mental shackles. Learn a new language today!!


Part II


While therapy and counseling is a great way to help alleviate the obstacles of social anxiety disorder, it will generally not be enough to reduce the condition to a completely manageable level. Psychiatric disorders of this type generally require outpatient drug therapy under the watchful eye of a qualified psychiatrist. However, a combination of medication treatment and counseling therapy is the best course of action.

When it comes to the study of psychiatric medicine, the world has come a long way as there have been great strides made in helping educate people as to the severity and scope of mental health disorders. Granted, many people who live in the dark days of mental health do not believe that certain psychiatric conditions have any legitimacy and that they are the construct of a person’s weak will and psychologists who take advantage of people who have “nothing wrong with them.” Along with bipolar disorder, there is no other psychiatric condition that is more misunderstood or maligned like social anxiety disorder (SAD). 


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