.What is GDPR?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an EU regulation that deals with handling personal data as well as ensuring privacy. Despite where a company is located, it is mandatory to comply with GDPR due to companies holding EU citizens’ personal data.

Data Protection Principles

The GDPR is made up of many articles that outline when it is appropriate to process data. Also, the overall rights and requirements are given to the citizens of the EU. Fairness and transparency must be in practice when processing data. Moreover, the purpose behind each data collection must be made clear to the person. In order to minimize how much data is collected, collect the data and process it if absolutely necessary. Keep personal data up to date but never store it only for the time for its purpose. Encryption should be used to ensure a high level of security for this data. These are just some of the principles that must be followed to be compliant with the GDPR.

How to Ensure Your Company Follows GDPR

The first step to ensuring that a company is prepared to implement GDPR practices is if GDPR is relevant to the company. If data is collected and held about employees, customers, and other essential people. Then GDPR is necessary. This data must be recorded as to where they are stored, such as databases, hard drives, cloud-based storage, etc. Any partners of the company are relevant. As well since data such as marketing and payroll is being shared with outsiders. Next, it is important to make sure that the processes of a company. When it comes to data handling must be in compliance with the GDPR.

A process and system should be in place to allow those who want to know what data is stored about them to be available within one month. Data breaches are also a potential issue to keep in mind, as well as knowing how fast a company can respond. A high level of security plays a role in preventing these breaches. Lastly, an expert on these processes and systems will need to be hired within the company to decrease the chance of being fined for breaking compliance.

By Kelly Mallari

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