Traditional Marketing

While digital marketing has continued to rise in popularity in recent years, it is important your businesses don’t neglect your traditional marketing efforts. Whether this is direct mail, business cards, brochures, or postcards. These marketing tools can be just as useful as any digital marketing tools that you are using.

Business Cards

Although digital cards are an option for any business person, there is nothing more personal than a physical business card that you hand out to people. The physical business cards also provide a great opportunity for growth in your business. There are many different elements to consider when designing your business card. It includes what information you want to include. Moreover, the size and weight of the paper, and the overall design – including font and colours.


Brochures offer a great opportunity for your business to reach more customers. There are many times that people don’t have time to learn more about your business. So, the brochure provides them with the necessary information that they are able to access on their own time. The information on your brochure can range. But can include information regarding your product/service, your staff, your mission, or anything else. Anything that you feel is important to your business. When designing your brochure, you should think about the cover, and figure out what will get the readers to open the brochure. You should also make sure the brochure doesn’t just provide information but provides a call to action. Including information about your website and social media platforms is also important, as this can help them learn more about your company and answer more questions they may have. Adding a coupon or promotion in the brochure is an option, providing an incentive for the reader to take action.


Similar to brochures, flyers provide important information that can be beneficial to the reader. Unlike brochures, these are typically less complicated and used to promote an event or sale, offer a discount, or announce a grand opening. Flyers provide the reader with a snippet of information and encourage them to take action. When creating a flyer, it is important to remember to keep it brief, since it is only one page. The flyer should call the reader to action and provide a clear idea of what they should do. One way to encourage action on the flyer would be to provide an incentive. For example, if the reader brings in the flyer, you could provide a discount or give them an exclusive gift.


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