The Perks Of Getting An International Internship While in College

Getting into an international internship program may sound scary or too stressful at first. However, getting into this kind of internship has its benefits too. In fact, it may just be the thing you need to ensure that you’ll get an excellent permanent job in the near future.

Making It Your Competitive Advantage

When you graduate from college, job hunting is the first challenge you would have to face. Unless backed-up with an extremely reputable school, grades, and a referral, job hunting may become a tedious task for you. This is true, especially with all the competition that you would have to face.

Simply think about all those people who are looking for jobs right now. Certainly, there are a lot of them out there in the wilderness of job hunting. But consider too that there are also other fresh graduates other than you that would be competing. This simply means that you would have to be ready to compete with both experienced and non-experienced people to get a job.

Due to the tight competition in whatever field you are in, you should have your own competitive advantage, so that things may become easier for you. Getting an international internship is actually a competitive advantage that can really outshine your competition. 

If you have an international internship, your potential employer will not look down upon you or underestimate your capabilities, which is what most employers do when a fresh grad is applying for them. Thus, this would heighten your chance of getting the position, even if many would say that you’re just like any other yuppie.

Creating Contacts

As with a local internship, when you go international, you also add to your professional contacts list. Your network expands again. However, the thing here is that your contacts would be from the international domain, which is relatively better than having only contacts that would only encompass the people in your town or city. Having international contacts tells employers that you can adapt quickly to other cultures. 

Boost Up Your Resume

Having the experience of working and living abroad can really enhance your resume. This shows that you are not afraid of having challenges and that you’re prepared to accommodate the change. Additionally, it also shows that you have global business awareness which a lot of applicants lack. 

Seeing The Big Picture 

Your experience abroad can be really useful to your potential employers. In fact, it may be the case that you understand and know the tricks of the trade of the global market better than your potential employer himself. By having this knowledge under your belt, you can back-up your suggestions and ideas with real and applicable situations. 

Culture Matters

If volunteering or travel isn’t really your interest, then the main highlight of getting into an international program is for you to gain more knowledge through having conversations with other specialists in your chosen field. Through this, you can observe the similarities and differences of the ways of business between your local culture and the new culture you are exploring.

You can also get to know the different perspectives of people in the places you go to. Everyone has a different and unique perspective. The more you travel and meet people, the more you are able to understand their point of view regarding issues of the chosen industry. Get the most out of your internship and impact the world!

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