Learning a new language can be very challenging and intimidating, especially in the beginning. It can also be very rewarding and provide a lot of opportunities that you otherwise could miss out on. While learning a language will take a lot of determination and perseverance, some of the top language experts around the world have weighed in, providing their most valuable tips to learn a new language.

Olly Richards       

Richards first says that studying regularly and consistently over time is the key to seeing results. Unfortunately, a new language is not something that can be learned overnight. He also recommends not waiting too long before starting to speak with people. As it will help build confidence and strengthen progress.

Teddy Nee

Nee’s top tips: learn phrases that you use frequently and use the language as often as possible. By learning frequently used phrases, Nee says that you will be able to have simple conversations earlier on in the learning process. Regarding his second tip, while it would be ideal to live in a place where the language is spoken, that is not always practical. He suggests reading articles and listening to radio and TV shows in the language you are learning to immerse yourself in everyday conversation in the language.

John Fotheringham

Fotheringham emphasized the importance of defining your “why” first. It is important to understand why you want to learn the language, and with strong reasoning. A learner can endure almost anything that comes their way. He notes that language is acquired on a subconscious level when a person receives sufficient practice, so he suggests spending most of the time in the language. By this, he means actively listening and communicating as much as possible.

Kris Broholm

Abandon all fear and internal doubt and trust the process are the two tips provided by Broholm. If you go in doubting yourself, it can make it that much more challenging to learn the language. Letting go of that fear and doubt allows you to submerge yourself in the language. Learning a new language is not an easy task. It will take time but letting go of the worries and allowing yourself to enjoy the process will make it that much more rewarding in the future.

Emily Liedel

Liedel highlights the importance of falling in love with both the language you are learning and the culture that speaks it. Not only does learning a language allow you to communicate with others who speak it. It opens up a new path to understand and see the culture. In a way that cannot be done as someone who doesn’t speak the language. She also suggests creating as many opportunities as possible to speak in the language and interact with native speakers. By surrounding yourself with those that speak the language, you are able to learn and understand more about the people. The culture, and the language itself.

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