information security

Every company has the worry of data loss due to cybersecurity attacks on the high volume of information that is stored online or on a hard drive. Its security is a top priority. While employees and management may be aware of information security. There is great importance in ensuring that preventative measures are in place to be proactive rather than reactive. This method is more cost effective by hindering the attack. It should be before it occurs instead of irreversible damage to the company.

Employees may think that the company’s IT department has everything under control to deal with cybersecurity attacks. But it will not think twice about handling company computers or information in an unsafe way. However, employees play a crucial role in protecting company data and get proper training in order to do so.

Instead of having a single meeting for cybersecurity training, frequent reminders and implementation of sessions. So this awareness does not fade. Since these employees are not in the IT department. Then, it would be best for simple explanations for use so that everyone is able to understand. But allows questions at the end of the sessions to make sure they have everything.

When it comes to informing employees about the importance of cybersecurity, it is important to keep in mind to focus on the benefits their preventative actions would bring to the company rather than list through the consequences that would occur if specific procedures were not followed.

The topic should be talked about in a positive way to ensure that the employees will be motivated and inspired to help with the continuing success of the company. The overall goal of information security awareness is to reduce unnecessary costs due to the loss of company data.

By Kelly Mallari

Date: August 4, 2019

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