Cultural Awareness Training

Would you like to get a better understanding of human behavior? Well, cultures are built upon beliefs, knowledge and customs and these are some of the basic concepts that one must grasp in order to understand the habits of people in these groups.

The main vision of Sauls International’s Cultural Awareness Training is to provide you with the necessary direction to enable you to do business in a professional manner by taking the first step to learn about cultures before doing business.

Our goals to assist you include:

  • Helping you develop an understanding of social norms and behaviors across cultures
  • Begin culture training and education across departments
  • Promote proper collaboration and business partnerships to create better business relationships
  • Support the ongoing development of your staff as you promote your brand across cultures

Sauls International supports cultural awareness training for your organization so that you can better identify opportunities, become more efficient with resources, use the best technology solutions and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Gaming & Simulation

Sauls International technology team creates adaptive simulation-based solutions for education and training. Our simulation-based training solutions immerse the user in a realistic environment, adapting seamlessly to the trainee’s skill level to create a consistent, personalized challenge.