Everyone knows what an entrepreneur is, but I am guessing not a lot of people realize that there are different types of entrepreneurs. Whether their differences relate to motivation, rules, or some other factor, the different types of entrepreneurs may find success through dissimilar and individual ways.

The first type is the social entrepreneur, which is someone who is enthusiastically focused on their environment on many levels – local, national, and global. The majority of these entrepreneurs are environmentalists and/or activists who want to succeed by positively impact the world with their work and generally will start nonprofits or other companies that focus on social good.

The innovative entrepreneur is the second type. This type also wants to change people’s lives for the better but do so through creation and invention. Their motivation generally stems from their ideas and they likely find themselves drawn to the more technical parts of their business. This type is typically good at delegating, as they know their strengths and motivation lie elsewhere in the business.

The hustler entrepreneur is constantly exploring new ideas and putting in work to achieve their latest dream. They are willing to take the risk, believing the payoff will be worth it in the end. They will do whatever necessary to achieve their goal, and generally start a business because they do not want to work under someone else.

Imitator entrepreneur:

The fourth type we will look at. This person is generally inspired by other ideas and success. A mixture of innovators and hustlers, they learn from other’s mistakes and tweak successes to make them successful in their own business.

The fifth type is the research entrepreneur, which is someone who is constantly wanting to learn more. They are very thorough, thinking through every situation before choosing the best one. Many times, they rely more on data and information rather than their own intuition.

Determined entrepreneur:

Someone who never falters in their belief that they will find success. They sometimes struggle to put all their pieces of a business together, instead just running with ideas before thinking much further.

The seventh type is the buyer entrepreneur, which is someone who uses the money to forge their success. Many times, they will purchase businesses that already exist. These have some success because they have an interest in taking less risky chances and find it easier than starting from scratch. This type generally measures success in numbers and profit.

Builder entrepreneur:

It is the eighth type to look at. They are generally very flexible and constantly searching for their next venture. Many people with this type will have multiple businesses, sometimes spanning different industries. They have seen success from building their businesses but measure that success in terms of infrastructure.

Opportunist entrepreneur:

They enjoy the marketing and selling side of businesses. They are optimistic and understand when to start and end an opportunity to make the most money from it. Success for them is through money, recognition and approval. Many times, they can be very impulsive, which can both help and hinder them and their business.

Specialist entrepreneur:

Someone who spends their entire career in one industry. They generally are reluctant to take risks and measure success on their own income. Many times, as they reach their own personal goals, they become complacent with their business’s goals.

Source: https://www.business2community.com/leadership/what-is-your-entrepreneur-type-and-why-does-it-matter-02328050

Source Author: Steven Imke

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