When a business takes steps to become a corporation, an important question to consider is what state should the business to incorporate in. Although the benefits of incorporating in a state other than the home state are not monumental. But there are those who believe that some aspects such as tax benefits are worth the move. Before deciding to move states, there are many questions for the business to consider.

First, seek out a state that is business-friendly is recommended. It helps ensure that if an incident happened that resulted in going to court. Thus, your state will have courts that aim to resolve business conflicts. However, if you are a smaller business, prioritizing this matter would not be as important. Since it would be advisable to spend as little time in court as possible to prevent the high expenses.

Next, whether the business is solely online playing a role in determining whether to relocate to another state. If the company only operates online, it may not be necessary to move. It is due to the wide reach of customers through the internet. However, if the company has the desire to move one day. One must ensure that the state is business-friendly is still key to growing the online business.

Lastly, be aware of the tax differences between states if the corporation is in one state while also incorporated in another state. A company should be aware of any annual fees that must be paid in the state of incorporation as well as the home state for a business decision to be made. Overall, smaller companies are advised to operate in the state their business is located, otherwise lower annual fees and taxes are the benefits to search for.

By Kelly Mallari

Author: Drake Forester

Date: February 5, 2020

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