Language Learning Importance

Translation is an important aspect of language. When choosing an editor — that is a colleague for feedback on your work, and/or for whom who would do so. It can prove useful to choose someone with complementary skills Even when said colleague lives in the country speaking their A language. 

This person can be someone working in a different speciality of your industry. As long as their experience is pertinent to the translation document material. In fact, the individual you choose can be a non-translator, and “just” have the expertise required to understand the terminology in the one language (and working proficiency in the other). This goes back to finding someone with complementary skills of language translation — D. Friedman states that it can serve well to pair a native speaker of the source language with a native speaker of the target language.

Some quick tips for those editing (from Romina Marazzato Sparano at 

  1.  Focus on one issue at a time (e.g. gender, verb conjugation, an order of information); 
  2.  Declutter the superfluous ruthlessly; 
  3.  Balance meaning and readability of a text; 
  4.  Draw up a work schedule, especially for lengthy pieces.

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