When someone is visiting a foreign country, they forgive locals for not understanding what they say. Also for getting incorrectly translating their language into that of the visitor. However, the incorrect language translation is looked down upon. Tourism is an industry that relies heavily on both advocacy and repeat custom.

China and Tourism:

Companies and officials want tourists to remember their stay for the right reasons. They come back in the future and tell other people about your visit. This is where translation in tourism has become so important. The Chinese government has noted that badly translated signs in China. They are causing visitors to remember their trip for the wrong reasons. It can give them a false perspective, which can hinder their desire to return in the future.

Many of the translation errors come from locals being too lazy. Many don’t actually speak the language fluently. So they simply use online translators and repeat the output verbatim. CBS reports that the Chinese government will now offer up hundreds of official direct Chinese-English translations to avoid locals translating “under construction” signs into “execution in progress.”

Bad translations:

It takes away the shine from the history and beauty that a nation has to offer. Proper translations allow words to promote, highlight, and entice visitors. This is why expert translators are needed when it comes to simple things like translating tour materials. Also, travel guides and other documents that tourists will need. You need a translator who to not only translate the words but also translate the style and tone of your message.

Another important reason that travel and tourism firms need expert translators because of the translation of documents into several languages. China, for example, welcomes more than 25 million tourists a year from over 10 countries.

Such a diverse group of visitors requires a diverse translation strategy. Working with a team of experts will ensure that tourism boards can offer their materials to as wide of a group as possible, increasing the chance that tourists feel comfortable and will want to return again. In a world where tourism now relies so heavily on the internet for the word of mouth marketing as well as booking, it’s more important than ever for companies and organizations to get their translations right.


Source Author: Language Connect

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