Marketing Strategies

The word empathy means to put yourself into someone else’s shoes to better understand their situation. So how is empathy related to marketing? What marketing strategies do we need? For many consumers, they want to see brands become more aware of different situations that we face every single day. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, customers hope that brands will remember how it will continue to impact them in the long-term.

Empathy-based marketing has not always been the direction on require when creating marketing content. There are many ways you can use empathy-based marketing content to reach your audience, including:

  • Provide your consumers with do-it-yourself ideas using your products
  • Continue charitable efforts, including donating money or products to a cause that is important to you

Understanding Importance

Now that you have some ideas of how to use empathy-based marketing, it is important to understand how to use it to enhance your marketing strategies. When using empathy-based marketing, it is important to understand the emotion behind your customers. Instead of just thinking about the logic behind your product, understand how it can help your customers. It is also important to listen to your customers. Listening to the wants and needs of your customers can be the difference between making them a lifelong customer or never getting their business again. It is important to follow through in regard to service and quality.

At the end of the day, empathy-based marketing can be very successful, if used correctly. It is important to remember that each customer is different and being able to put yourself into each customer’s shoes is what this strategy is about. In order to do this, customer research will likely have to be completed. You will be better able to determine the types of customers you have, and shift and adapt your strategies to conform to the needs and wants of each segment.

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Author: Susan Friesen