workplace culture

1 in 4 U.S. employees dread going to work, don’t feel safe expressing their opinions. About work-related issues, or don’t feel valued or respected at work. The impact of toxicity in the workplace reaches beyond the everyday work life of most Americans.

There is a strong correlation between workplace culture, satisfied and engaged employees, and business productivity and profits. So, everyone loses with a toxic culture. Toxic workplaces are the first reason workers quit their jobs. In addition to toxic workplaces, poor management also lead to dysfunctional work cultures.

So a lack of communication between managers and workers is one of the contributors to culture challenges. So Managers are in the position to build strong and positive workplaces; they can do it by listening to employees, setting well-defined expectations, and clarifying essential information. Thus Eliminate toxicity from your workplace to get your organizational culture right. 

Source: Workplace Culture Matters, By Alexander Alonso

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