Companies, no matter how small, can benefit from having their own domain for numerous reasons. First and foremost, sending and receiving emails from your personal mail may cause your inbox to be unorganized and cluttered. It is easily fixable through separation from your work email.

Now for specifically creating a unique email domain for your company. This is beneficial due to the ability of free advertising. For example, receiving a mail from an employee at Sauls International would advertise the company name to a potential client just by reading the address.

Next, having a company with its own domain would help to build up the reputation and professional manner of the company. A recipient who sees a mail from an unprofessionally named address might not pursue looking into the company any further.

As the company expands, this also allows for a uniform way to identify employees. Everyone will be consistent by having the same email domain.

Another reason is that marketing emails that are sent out could potentially be seen as junk or illegitimate. It causes the recipient to never open the email. This would end up as a waste of time for the person. The one composed the email if it is going unnoticed or ignored.

Lastly, it is inexpensive to pursue the creation of a new domain. The benefit of appearing professional from establishing an email domain is something that every company should look into. 

By Kelly Mallari

Date: July 27, 2019

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