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Language and books are entirely inextricable concepts, even to the most inexperienced reader. So how will you make sure that the book you’re publishing is available to the widest possible market? By making them available in multiple languages, of course!

It’s a no brainer that language locked books won’t be accessible to a large portion of the world. But even if you aren’t a massive, international publishing house, translating your books is still an important investment to make! Thus,  With the advent and ease of online sales that can pull in an international, multilingual audience, it only makes sense to open your publishing doors to the wide world and make your books accessible to your new audiences. And that’s where we come in!

We are Sauls International, and we’re here to help you with any translation task you can think of. Providing service to both US and international companies and offer over 300 languages and dialects. Also, we can translate your books into any of our offered languages. Even make sure that your books are seamlessly integrated with the culture and context of your target language!

Whether you’re looking to make your books available to an international audience or just to your local multilingual community, we know how to help you!
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