Sauls International offers translation services to a variety of firms in the United States and Internationally. We provide professional, quality translation services in a variety of languages. Our translators, proofreaders and editors are skilled and experienced native speakers and non-native speakers. For each project, we ensure that only qualified translators are chose for projects that match their expertise and proven capabilities.

Translations are not done by conveying the message word by word. The quality and cultural accuracy derives from translating the meaning of the content.

Our dedicated and dependable teams of translators, subject matter experts and localization experts make certain that your company’s clients get the level of service that they deserve in many languages, from many cultures anywhere in the world.

Industry categories that use translation are those found in:

  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Scientific
  • Technical
  • General business
  • & More

Translation services are available in more than 300 languages. The delivery of translations vary depending on the size of the document, duration of the project and the formatting needs.

Examples of translations that can be done:

  • Marketing Material – Business Cards, Brochures, websites, Newsletters, reports, business plans
  • Legal Documents – diplomas, immigration documents, agreements, contracts, transcripts
  • Manuals – Technical, training, medical, handbooks, regulatory documents
  • Medical Documents – medical records, patient forms, patient agreements

Here are some things to keep in mind about translations:

  • Translation requires both English/Target language proficiency.
  • Translators comprehend the main theme and subject matter of your project
  • Translators are chosen based on their knowledge of the core terminology
  • Sauls provides human proofreaders (not machine-based proofreading)

Multi-Lingual Subtitles

Using multi-language subtitles add such value to your video content. Our team of video and language subject matter experts provide quality translations of your video subtitles in many languages. Connect your video programmers and producers to our team to produce great timing, translations and reasonable turnaround times.

Transcription Services

Sauls International provides transcription services in many languages. Transcription categories include, medical, general business, legal, research, insurance, intelligence and financial transcription.

Lots of clients use the following:

  • Conference transcription
  • Transcription for speech recognition software
  • Interview transcription
  • Medical transcription