Going to business school is one of the top priorities for many entrepreneurs who wish to learn more about their industry and advance their careers. An established business school is considered as a key component in building a strong background in business. This is recognized as a fact by many professionals, the majority of whom have completed courses in business schools and gone on to build successful careers in many industries.  The only challenge here for many individuals wishing to take advantage of the training provided by business schools is that the effort takes time and money. As an alternative, is it truly possible to obtain the necessary knowledge through business school… in a box?

A boxed opportunity

The main drawback of traditional business schools is that they require physical attendance, something that takes a certain amount of effort on the part of the student.  This has prompted many organizations to offer what they call ‘business school in a box’, a series of knowledge-based learning sessions, articles, and lectures that are designed to offer students a means to learn from established standards and become well-versed in many aspects of business, including accounting, finance, and marketing.

Often, what is packaged as ‘business in a box’ is a packaged series of lessons or serialized lectures that students can access online. Concepts, ideas, and theories in business are taught in graduate lessons.  


What to expect

The main characteristic of a business school in a box is that it is a form of distance education and as such, some lessons may not provide direct interaction with the instructor or fellow students.  Learning is also determined by the student’s own efforts and will, which means that students will have to be able to work effectively without supervision.  

Lessons are typically presented in small packs and assignments to include simulations and projects. Depending on the institution, some lessons may provide live online classes, allowing students to participate in lectures and discussions in real-time.


Advantages of using a business school in a box

There are several advantages to opting to learn more about business using non-traditional methods such as a business school in a box. 


These include:


A business school in a box is the equivalent of distance learning, a well-respected and established method of imparting knowledge.  Many of today’s top schools, including business schools, use this method in order to provide better services and reach more students.  A student in China, for example, can complete business school courses offered by a school established in the United States.

Students also don’t have to be physically present in the classroom in order to participate.  Students simply have to learn lessons at their own pace in the privacy of their own homes. This gives them the flexibility and relative freedom that are otherwise difficult to achieve in a more traditional classroom setting.


Generally, a business school in a box is relatively less expensive than a traditional business school.  Most assignments and tasks assigned usually require only the use of available technology, with minimal need to produce hard copies.  That is unless it’s indicated by the institution. The fact that the program can also be accessed from home helps the student save on other expenses.


Access to different resources

Some of the best business school inbox programs can use a combination of teaching methods to optimize the learning experience of the student.  Other than passive lectures, for example, students can also take advantage of online classroom settings, forums, chats and instant messaging in order to communicate with their instructors and peers. Business-school-in-a-box is perfect for the student who may not have time to go to class but still wants to learn more about business. Give business-school-in-a-box a try!