Court Interpreting
There are some basic truths for new interpreters about court interpreting. Following are:
  1.  It’s normal to sometimes be anxious and/or intimidated.
  2.  The code of ethics is important but difficult to stick to unremittingly. 

Note: we can again refer to medical interpreting, where avoid “friendly conversations” when they aren’t part of the job. Although more stringently in a court setting (for clear impartiality). Nor should the interpreter explain anything, unless an explanation is part of the interpretation material.

  1.  Situations encountered can be difficult to remain impassive to (or unbiased towards);
  2. Respect isn’t about certificates. One can earn through exceeding expectations in a fast and trying environment.

For court interpreting, J. Jenner gives some tips: “arriving early and impeccably dressed […], putting away your phone, being prepared for the case, knowing where to sit or stand, handing in paperwork, being respectful to everyone […], and introducing yourself to attorneys you don’t know.”

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