When you think of cybersecurity, what’re the first things you think of? Computers? Hackers? The Internet? Whatever it is your first thoughts are, chances are that ‘language’ isn’t among them. But don’t let this lack of initial association fool you, language is the very thing that allows cybersecurity its efficacy.

Cybersecurity, especially in its more widespread forms such as website warnings, antivirus software, and built-in computer settings, needs to be understood to be effective. Instructions on how to install the newest version of antiviral software won’t do much good if the user can’t understand them. Thus, trying to configure your computer’s privacy settings won’t be possible, and you won’t be able to understand a browser warning that the site you’re entering is compromised.

So, how do you escape these hurdles? How do you make sure that no matter where your cybersecurity expertise applies that it’ll be effective?

Also, we’re Sauls International, a professional translation and interpretation company specializing in over 300 languages! So, we can make sure that no matter where you or your programs are, your message will come across crystal clear!

We’re able to translate anything from warnings to instruction manuals to installation guides, and we can interpret for face to face or online interactions. Whatever translation or interpretation related task you need completed, we’re here, and we’re excited to help!

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