With the continued shift online that businesses have seen recently, more people have been paying attention to social media and other online marketing channels. With this rise, there are many misconceptions that people still believe surrounding social media marketing.

Social media marketing is free

While there are ways to use social media for your business for free, many resources that can be useful for social media marketing do come at a cost. Content creation can be done without spending money, but to promote and advertise your posts to reach more people, there is a fee. Before beginning a social media marketing campaign, it is important to develop a plan for using your resources.

Success comes from having a lot of followers

Many people believe that having a lot of followers means that your account and/or brand is successful. While this can be one measure of success, it is not the only measure. Brands can have a lot of followers that do not interact with their content, resulting in low engagement. Engagement can be a determining factor regarding success on social media.

Your business should have a presence everywhere

While some companies are able to successfully post and maintain social media accounts on a wide variety of platforms, for many small businesses it can be more beneficial to choose one or two platforms and focus your attention on those. Instead of spreading yourself thin trying to post on all of these different sites, focusing your attention on one or two can be all you need.

Posting brings success

Some people still believe is a post to create a successful social media account, which is not true. While posting is one part of the equation, it is still important to interact with your followers and engage. Not only can this create relationships with current followers. But it can also bring in a lot of new followers as well.

Posts will be visible to all your followers

Unfortunately, there are algorithms on different social media platforms that make it difficult for all of your followers to see your posts. There are many factors that determine who can see which posts. It includes engagement, likes, followers, comments, and many other things.

You cannot measure insights on social media

With the introduction of different business features on social media platforms, these platforms have also developed ways to measure and track posting and engagement on social media. There are also now third-party companies that allow you to view and track insights and analytics regarding performance and engagement.

Everyone is on every social media platform

Before choosing what social media platforms you want to use, you should understand where your target audience is. Your business may have a large audience on one social media platform and not another. Understanding this can help you reach the largest amount of your target audience.

Source: https://www.business2community.com/social-media/7-common-misconceptions-about-social-media-marketing-02324684

Source Author: Katherine Hunter-Blyden

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