Business Plan

Developing a business plan is essential in order to establish the main goals, mission, and overall strategy of a business. Creating this plan serves as a proposal to investors. As well as reminds management and employees of how the business operates. The first step when writing a business plan is the executive summary. This portion will consist of an overview of the goals of the business. Also, all strategies that will be taken to achieve them. Similarly to writing an essay, it may be easier to come back and write the executive summary. After having written the entirety of the business plan in detail.

Next, an explanation of the target market and industry is necessary. It shows which potential customers could benefit from the business. Any market analysis research should be inserted here to support the target market choices.

Moving on from there, the next section should showcase the management and employees who makeup and operate the business. After describing the potential customers in the previous section, this section will allow for elaboration. Moreover, highlighting how the products and services offered will be sold due to the sales strategy is important. The products and services will also need to be described. How they will benefit customers, as well as how they stand out from their competition.

The last section can explain the financial situation of the business. We require more money currently. The overall purpose of a business plan is to invite people. It assists to support the business as well as serve as a document that brings focus on actual achievements for successful.

By Kelly Mallari

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Date: February 28, 2019

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