As social and economic values continually shift, the topic of Ethics in the Workplace is becoming less clear of what is right and what is wrong. Despite this, ethics remains a high priority at Sauls International and here’s what we’ve found from an HR perspective to build and maintain an ethical organization:

Article Summary:
“Business Ethics and the HR Role: Past, Present, and Future”
Ethics is balancing needs and tensions of stakeholders, organizations and society. Globalization, technology, the quick pace of business, and shifting values makes ethics a greater challenge to balance. There are a lot of grey areas with the countless new situations that evolve. HR’s role is to stay up to date, make ethics a top priority, make it a part of leadership selection and development, and to ensure that the right policies and programs are in place. It’s not good enough to just follow the law anymore. Being transparent is key to successfully achieving an ethical culture.


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