EU resources

In 2015, Silvia D’Amico wrote: “If your source text mentions or refers to an official EU resources document, not […] retrieving official terminology might cost you more than you think.” 

But this can apply to any translator, as having access to texts and databases in over 500 language pairs. Also in a variety of fields, is vital to quality translations. Not to mention that the EU resources suggested are reliable — i.e. verified, with references — and provide a firm defence if one’s word choices become debatable.

What’s more, there are sources about conventions for official documents — from a language’s grammar to formatting in a given field and/or country. Below are some details about these sources — for more, see the cited article!

1. Inter-Active Terminology for Europe, inter-institutional and -agency database. 

2. EUR-Lex, documentation and regulation terminology.

3. CURIA, judicial.

4. EuroVoc, thesaurus across fields.

5. EU Style Guide, conventions and formatting for official documents. Also has useful annexes.

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