Networking is the act of interacting and building relationships with others to form professional contacts. Many people may think that networking is only necessary to do after a company is established; however, starting to build relationships with others before the launch of a company will make the process that much easier. An advantage of networking during the beginning start-up of a company is the ability to practice communication and sales skills. It will become important to have for when business operations are in full force. Also during the planning phase, connecting with other small business owners can be helpful. it assists in receiving advice and even gaining mentors for how to establish yourself in the industry.

Meeting people who may become your future customers is also an advantage to networking early on. Establishing yourself in the community will gain the attention of the company. As well as the number of people who will look forward to doing business with you.


Five tips to best use networking to your advantage are

  • To set goals
  • Utilize social networking
  • Be prepared
  • Build relationships
  • Establish a time to network.

Before attending networking events, it is important to set specific goals that you want to achieve in order to establish a clear path of how to build customer and business relationships.

Networking through social media is advisable to participate in due to many businesses having an online presence in today’s technology-driven world. Being prepared when interacting with others during an event is crucial to receiving follow-ups and further building those relationships. Lastly, ensuring that time is made for networking despite having countless other tasks to do when starting up a business is what will make the difference when prioritizing how to spread the word about the business to result in as much growth and success as possible.

By Kelly Mallari

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Date: March 29, 2019

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