Brand Audit

A brand audit is an evaluation that serves to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and overall standing of a business in the marketplace. For a thorough and complete evaluation, internal and external branding, as well as customer experience, should be included. A business has the ability to perform this audit themselves or have an outside company do so. The first step when conducting this evaluation is to identify the business’ goals, strategy, and target customers. Awareness of the main purpose behind a business will help analyze if the marketing strategies are sufficient in drawing in customers.

Next, analyze the external branding of the business which includes the logo, advertisements, social media. Moreover, pages, website, and more to determine whether the correct tone conveys effectively conveyed to the target markets. When examining the website, make sure to utilize web analytics such as web traffic, bounce rate, and conversion rate to see if the target market is taking value out of the web content available.

Social Media

Social media pages should also be examined to ensure that the correct customer groups are interacting with the business. Frequent surveys should be created for customers to provide feedback for the business to gain insight on what to improve. Survey people who are not customers to gain a better understanding of the perspective of an outsider. It may have never interacted with the business. To analyze the customer experience, survey employees as well to ensure that they know the purpose.

Also, they are conveying this to customers. Competitors’ branding should also be assessed for awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. And also how to improve your own branding strategies. Lastly, evaluating the results of the audit will allow for areas to be seen. It may need changes to better improve the business’ mission. Observing the performance of your brand and modifying components. It will help keep the business interesting and innovative.

By Kelly Mallari

Date: July 17, 2019

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