Do you or a family member speak another language and need assistance upon arrival at a hospital? Do you find yourself needing help in different languages when you visit hospitals?

Finding information in different languages at your local hospitals is easier than you think. Many hospitals have digital signage, apps and web sites that are updated daily that include maps, procedures that are performed, visiting hours and biographies about the staff. Knowing about one’s local hospital and its services is important for many reasons. Learning about the way a hospital conducts its check-in procedures and knowing about the staff will put a bi-lingual patient at ease before they receive any services. No matter what language you speak, if a person needs to go to the hospital to have surgery or a procedure that may require an overnight stay, having hospital information in their language will help make their stay a little more comfortable. Most major hospitals have procured language services to meet the growing demand for bi-lingual patient visitors. Therefore, all patients can now access information regarding their hospital visits in an efficient manner in their language. 


Over the Phone

There are several types of assistance that a patient can receive over the phone.  A patient can receive interpretation services, claims assistance or basic hospital information over the phone. Interpretation services are needed for various reasons but some of the main reasons to use interpretation services are to assist a patient during basic visits and set up special procedures.  

 Of course, you know that family members and friends can call the hospital to see how a person is doing. While personal information cannot be given over the phone, relatives can find out if the person is allowed to receive visitors and also when visiting hours are during the day. Some hospital web sites now allow people to post pictures of newborn babies on their web pages so that relatives and other people who live far away can see them. Having certain information about a local hospital can make any stay a more pleasant one for patients and their families.



Other times when having local hospital information is necessary is when people need to get to a hospital that they have never been to. Knowing where the hospital is located and where to park can help when one is unsure of where they are going. Calling the hospital for information is the best way to get to the hospital safely and to learn about the condition of their loved one if they have been sent there because of an accident or work-related injury. Being able to know a little bit about a hospital, getting assistance in different languages and helping keep people calm during an emergency is such a great way to keep you calm and satisfied whenever you visit a hospital. Learn more about your local hospital today!

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