Virtualization to Deliver Higher Security

The New York State Department of Financial Services has created a new rule requiring that Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) be implemented to some of their systems. RadiantOne was called on to achieve this task. The company needed to implement support for MFA because until they did so. Some of their customers would not be able to access their services.

To carry out this task, there were three goals at hand: creating global profiles for each customer to access all of their data. Implementing MFA by making a secondary identifier, and ensuring that there was enough flexibility for the system to handle the customers that needed MFA as well as the customers who did not want this ability.

RadiantOne FID virtualization was used to consolidate the company’s login solution and their product customer data. Next, the company decided to use email as the secondary identifier to apply the MFA. RadiantOne was used to increase the storage for the product data so that email could be added to the profiles of those who were missing this information.

In order to please the customers who did not want this ability, RadiantOne allowed the company. To switch back and forth between MFA support and not having MFA support. Depending on the preference of each customer. Overall, RadiantOne helps companies to add additional security factors. As well as creating a flexible framework to adapt to the changing needs of a business.

By Kelly Mallari

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